Friday, January 12, 2007

Donna: Part 2 (Kitty Monroe)

I showed up to the set in the desert on the day after Jim had called me "Donna". He had used the "Donna" appellation to put me on the spot and see if he could flush out any prima donna tendencies that lurked within me. Men always wonder. It did not work. I don't have any of those tendencies. At some point on this next day I overheard a conversation between two other women on the set. Evidently they had shared a room at the Motel 6 in Mojave, CA where most of the cast and crew had stayed the night before. One of the two, an upcoming young pornstar completely lacking in any type of class or discretion, accused the other of snoring all night long. She informed her in a disgusted tone of voice that she had thrown stuff at her head to try and wake her up and make her stop snoring and it had not worked. I listened to her hostile words and felt grateful that I had gotten my own room. It amazed me that everyone had not done the same, Rooms at the Motel 6 in Mojave ran less than $50 a night. All these years later I found myself reflecting on the identity of the snorer. I thought her name was Kelly Fire.

Jim had mentioned a porn actress named Kelly Fire when he was selecting talent to appear in an that particular round of movies. He had met her at a casting call at longtime porn agent Jim South's office. On the evening after their meeting he had described her to me on the phone and mentioned that she had used an unlikely term for anal sex when discussing whether or not she was willing to engage in the act. I really wish I could remember what euphemism she had used to describe anal sex because Jim had found it very amusing. For the life of me I can't seem to recall it right now. In any case Jim described Kelly as something of an ingenue in the porn scene although he thought she had experience in other aspects of the adult industry. Maybe she was a dominatrix? Or a fetish model? Or a stripper?

I sat at home pondering all this a few days ago as I sat on my couch with a glass of vodka in my hand. It was late at night, the time of night that I often used to chat with Jim on the phone. Back then I would always know it was Jim calling if my phone rang after 10PM. Finally my curiousity got the better of me and I logged on to the Internet to see if I could find a photo of Kelly Fire. Generally you can find a photo on the Internet of anyone who has ever performed in a pornographic movie. I located a pic and bio of Kelly Fire and realized that this was definitely not the woman about whom I had been thinking. The Kelly I remembered had blonde hair and was very fair-complected. In fact, Jim had told her to get a tan before the filming of the movie. She had objected and insisted that tanning was passe. Jim informed her that tanning would never be passe in the porn industry. I became aware of this conversation because Jim had mentioned it to me that night on the phone.

"You know what the real woodsmen in the industry have always told me?" Jim had then asked rhetorically. "The two things that most help them get through a scene are when the female talent is tan and toned. Tan and toned."

That made perfect sense to me. "Woodsmen" was Jim's preferred term for male talent. He had been directing in the industry long before Viagra even existed and he only hired truly professional male pornstars because he did not like waiting for the amateurs to "get wood" on the set. Jim's favorite woodsmen were seasoned professionals like Ron Jeremy, Evan Stone, and Alex Sanders. Those guys do not have an easy job. All of them must have their tricks to get through a sex scene. I can still hear Jim saying "tan and toned" in his deep baritone voice.

I remember that the actress who I erroneously thought was Kelly Fire never did get a tan before the filming of those movies in 2002. Earlier this week I stared at the boxcovers of the two movies in which I think that she appeared. It's possible that I'm mistaken, but I believe that she ended up using the stage name "Kitty Monroe". You can see Kitty Monroe in Summer Camp Sun Bunnies and Sorority Sex Kittens #6. One of these days I will watch one of them to see if Kitty Monroe is the particular actress who I recall from that set. The tip-off will be whether or not she's noticeably more fair-skinned than the other actresses.

- XXOO Tanya

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