Monday, January 8, 2007

Donna: Part 1

Jim used to shoot 2 or 3 movies simultaneously. In 2002 we were out in California City, CA filming multiple projects as per usual. Jim had arranged rooms for all the cast and crew to stay in the nearby town of Mojave during the production. Stephanie, the production coordinator, was handing out keys to everybody's rooms. I told her that I would be getting my own room. She looked puzzled. I politely said that I needed some privacy at the end of the day.

Jim had been standing in the same room orchestrating details with some other member of the crew. During my conversation with Stephanie I heard him saying something about Donna. As I was leaving I turned to say goodnight to Jim and he mentioned Donna again. Was he trying to draw me into his conversation? I let a moment of silence go by to ascertain whether Jim was addressing me or someone else in the room. No one responded to his comment so I asked:



"Who's Donna?" I asked with puzzlement, waiting for him or someone to interject with some knowledge.

"Donna." Jim said.

I looked at him. Moments passed. He looked back at me.

"Prima donna." he finally said in his deep baritone voice.

Oh. I began to smile.

"Prima donna." he reiterated. "Only prima donnas need their own rooms. There's a prima donna in here."

"No. No." I said in protest between laughs. "I'm paying for it myself. It's been a long day, I need to unwind right now, and I'll pay for my own room. I'm only a prima donna if I expect someone else to pay for it."

Jim's expression was inscrutable behind his omnipresent sunglasses but he seemed to be amused. He turned to speak to someone else who needed his attention and I picked up my bag to leave. After I was a few steps outside the trailer Stephanie the production coordinator came up behind me waving a key.

"Here's your key." she said. "We have one empty room left and you won't have a roommate. You can have your own room for the next few days."

I smiled to myself after I thanked her for the key and headed out to my car. Jim hated prima donnas and he knew I wasn't one. He realized that I had planned to pay for my own room so he just saved me the trouble. That little episode occurred during the filming of
Sorority Sex Kittens 6 out in the Mojave Desert.

- XXOO Tanya

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